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With Eager Feet is not quite two years old yet but today we hit 5000 views! (I’m fairly sure a chunk of those are from bots but whatever.)


Yay milestones!


We hit 2500 views today!  Small beans, I know… but for a little site like this, I think it’s pretty great!  We’ve been in operation for a little over year now, so to hit 2500 around our one-year anniversary is pretty cool.  (I can’t believe I didn’t even notice the anniversary!  Some admin I am…)

Thanks for reading!

This is what I get for oversleeping…


I woke up rather late today, saw that Mark Shea has backlinked to us at Ignitum Today, therefore people are flocking to our lowly little blog here… and we now have over 1000 page views!  Thank you all for reading, and I hope you come back more just than because-you-followed-lots-of-links-to-get-here.  Because we’re cool.  At least I think we are.