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Blowing off creative steam


So I came across this link on my Facebook feed earlier today and decided I’d take a crack at it myself, just for fun–and because I think the current logo is a little bulky and inelegant. I’m not intending to undermine the current graphic designer–just to propose something completely different so he can think about it.

I took into consideration the necessity to be scaled for multiple uses, as well as the idea that it will probably be embroidered on something–so I didn’t add any shadows. It’s entirely flat, and that’s on purpose.
Oh, and they’re the Scouts of St. George. I would’ve added a dragon but I thought it might be too detailed. Possible future iterations to come, as I get more ideas.


I think it looks a bit empty. Suggestions about symbols to add? I don’t want it to get too complicated or detailed–the fleur-de-lis is a little too flourishy as it is, and I think I’ll have to clean it up.