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Burning off creative steam part 2


I decided to take another go at it! This time there’s a little heraldry joke in there (of sorts)… when a shield is shrunk and then imposed upon another (I forget the formal name, it’s long and fancy), it’s been “adopted” or kind of is subservient to the larger one.



Blowing off creative steam


So I came across this link on my Facebook feed earlier today and decided I’d take a crack at it myself, just for fun–and because I think the current logo is a little bulky and inelegant. I’m not intending to undermine the current graphic designer–just to propose something completely different so he can think about it.

I took into consideration the necessity to be scaled for multiple uses, as well as the idea that it will probably be embroidered on something–so I didn’t add any shadows. It’s entirely flat, and that’s on purpose.
Oh, and they’re the Scouts of St. George. I would’ve added a dragon but I thought it might be too detailed. Possible future iterations to come, as I get more ideas.


I think it looks a bit empty. Suggestions about symbols to add? I don’t want it to get too complicated or detailed–the fleur-de-lis is a little too flourishy as it is, and I think I’ll have to clean it up.