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The Force be with you


Let us lift up our lightsabers. We lift them up to the Force.


Avatar Jesus


Relatively recently, I was at a college Catholic Center for Mass.  The homily was rather long and I must confess that my eyes glazed over somewhere in the middle and instead of paying attention, I found myself staring at the painting on the wall.  It was really, really ugly.  The friends I was with agree that it was probably donated.  Finding an image online loses some of the “depth” of the painting–the random shadows and rocky crags.  I suspect it was supposed to be an image of the Transfiguration?  But I’m not entirely sure.

(This isn’t meant as a slam on the Catholic Center or its university.  If you know where it is please don’t call it out.)

Observe the strange, ugly painting in its austere natural habitat.  Notice the unique composition.  Is it bringing anything to mind?  It did to me.

Yes, fellow children of the 90’s.  This IS from the very first episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender.  This is, indeed, Avatar Aang stuck in an iceberg.  And this is the reason for my nickname for the above Ugly Jesus Painting (and the title of this post).

To the painter of Avatar Jesus: in the words of Crescat, you make Baby Jesus cry. (I wanted to link back to her “Bad Art” tag, but since she left Blogspot for Patheos, it doesn’t exist any more…)