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Blessed Advent!


Christmas lights along my bookshelf~

NOW you’re allowed to start decorating and playing Christmas music.  The Christmas season does not start until Advent and does not end until Epiphany.  Thanksgiving is much too early to play Christmas music.  And seriously, putting up Christmas displays before Halloween?  Or on November 1st?  I don’t get it.  If you like Christmas that much, why do you take down your tree on the 26th of December?

Here’s a picture of some of the decorations I put up in my room today.  It’s rainy and cold here, so the lights are making me happy.  I wish it would really snow.

Have a blessed first Sunday of Advent, everyone!  Please light a real Advent candle for me and all the other dorm-livers who aren’t allowed to have fire. =(


Advent and Finals


My fellow students of higher education,

I am firmly convinced that this week is aptly named “Gaudete” (“rejoice) because we are almost done!  This is the home stretch–finals.  Personally, I only have a disgustingly short paper which I’ve been putting off for a week now and now that my outline is done I really should actually write it (one of the goals for tonight).  My only exam was Monday and it was something on the level of a joke.  (I love architecture school.  All the benefits of art school with ten times the workload intensity.)  However, for those of you who are in more of a situation like poor Quill (who may not even read this post until some time this weekend) and have exams all week, you are in my prayers.  Study hard, stop reading all till the weekend (then read this one religiously because we’re just that cool), and sleep for more than three hours before each exam–seriously!   You’ll focus and remember more easily.

God bless you all,


O Come O Come Emmanuel : Advent Hymns :: Gilligan’s Island theme song : Emily Dickenson poems


If you can’t read the title of the post, you failed English class at some point in your education.  The point of it, however, will be explained shortly.

One of my biggest pet peeves of the Advent season is the tendency of many Novus Ordo churches to put all the songs of the Ordinary to the tune of “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”  It reminds me very much of the fact that all Emily Dickenson’s poems, due to the fact that they are written in ballad style, can be sung to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.

The question is now: what happens when you sing the Ordinary to the tune of Gilligan’s Island?

Welcome to the Third Edition of the Roman Missal!


I’ve been going to the Latin Mass for a couple years now (I can’t remember exactly how long) and I must admit that these new English translations have made me ecstatic.  It reads almost exactly like the right-hand side of the Latin-English Missal!  It’s beautiful.  I admit that today was a little slow–all of us are adjusting, so we’re sort of stumbling through the Mass–but it will eventually be beautiful.  And maybe the chant will encourage churches to do more of the propers IN LATIN.  I’m such a sucker for a Latin Credo.  Or Sanctus.  Or Agnus Dei.  Or… you get the idea.  (Actually, my personal favourite–and my sister’s–sung Credo is Palestrina’s Credo from Missa O Magnum Mysterium.  Liturgical music nuts, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is a polyphonic tune for… four voices?  I think four.  But can be done with more.  Don’t quote me on that, ask a liturgy nerd.  My normal go-to liturgy nerds are at Mass right now.)

I’m not going to post a whole list of the changes–you can find those online, or at your local Catholic church now that it’s Advent–but I would like to remind everyone to respond, “And with your spirit”!  (Maybe it would be easier if we just switched back to Latin?  I don’t know.)

Also, something lovely I noticed–I can still sing the Sanctus in Latin.  And the current English setting of the Holy, Holy, Holy is the plainchant for the Latin.  This makes me happy.  Now I need to learn the Credo…

Oh!  One more thing.  To anyone who says that changing “We believe” in the Creed to “I believe” ruins the community identity, a few things:

1. “Credo” is first person.  Looks like Spanish, doesn’t it?  “Tengo,” “hablo,” etc.  Spanish (like French, Portugese, Italian, and Romanian) is a Romance language–it is derived from Latin.  So the Latin is saying “I believe.”

2. I really don’t see how you can say that the community identity is ruined when a hundred voices all say the same words together.  The Pledge of Allegiance is in first-person too, and schoolchildren all over the nation say that in unison. “I pledge allegiance to the flag…”

3. It’s kind of pretentious, in this day and age of modernistic relativism, to assume that everyone believes what you believe–even at your own church.  I’ve run into too many dissenters in the past to say, “Well, WE believe X, Y and Z” and have switched to referring to myself alone for the simple fact that many “Catholics” don’t understand the True Presence.  (I know not all, but I’m from Rochester.  Sadly this kind of an experience can make a young Catholic a bit jaded, I’m afraid.)

Anyway, enjoy the beautiful new translations!  Maybe you want to invest in a new Roman Missal… or a Latin-English missal.  You never know when someone may decide to switch it up on you! 😉