With Eager Feet has been a project-idea of mine for quite a while–I ran a blog over on Blogspot, was asked to join Cleansing Fire, and then opened this blog on WordPress because it was becoming too much of a hassle to swap Google accounts every time I wanted to post something to my old blog, What Happened Here?.  I asked Quill to join me–his insights are valuable and I enjoy working with him on projects–and eventually I got around to making what you see here.  Hopefully it won’t be too confusing, puzzling, or strange (sometimes my thoughts take odd detours) and it may prove to be a useful resource for anyone with questions… I hope. ~Ink

P.S. We do this out of love for our Church and Her teachings–any errors are non-malicious and out of ignorance, so gentle and caring corrections are embraced; we submit to and defend the teachings of our Holy Mother Church.  Instigators, however, are invited to spend time in Adoration and return after they have calmed down.