…I don’t even.




For anyone who doesn’t know what the Venice Biennale is, it’s a huge art show, held every other year (hence “biennale”) in Venice (duh). It’s one of the trendsetters of the modern world, the pinnacle of “contemporaneity” in many artistic spheres. How do I know about it? Architects like to enter, so we’ve studied “so-and-so’s entry for the XXXX Venice Biennale” quite frequently.

If you didn’t actually read that article, please note that most of the art is contemporary, it’s not blatantly Catholic (actually many of the artists who submitted weren’t Catholic) AND it was all done under the instruction of Pope Benedict–the pope who everyone says was an old fogey stuck in the past. WHAT NOW.

Sadly I won’t ever have the money to turn on a dime and show up in Venice for the show (alas, the life of a student in a ‘dead end’ major). However maybe in a couple years they’ll enter again. I’d love to go. Or maybe to enter.


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