Everyone’s a hero in their own way… or a banshee.


Most of you probably know Quill and me from our posts on Ignitum Today.  Very few might still remember me from my days at Cleansing Fire, a site from which I have all but completely retired.  This is not going to be a plug for myself; I’m just listing my qualifications for what I’m about to write.

I’ve noticed a trend in what sparks the lurking banshees hiding in the shadows of the Catholic blogosphere to come out of hiding.  For the most part, it’s controversy.  And according to the audience at hand, different topics create different levels of controversy.  Something which never fails to cause a big stink, however, tends to be the finer points of such things as the liturgy.  Postures, gestures, liturgical vestments, licit and illicit things… the list goes on.  It is easy to nitpick rubrics and other such things, but honestly: to the degree this occurs, it is monumentally disappointing.

My proof:

Article on contraception – 9 replies as of this post. (often there are 2 pingbacks, which count as replies, so this means only 2 comments.)

Article on chastity – 15 replies.

Article on Catholic marriages disappearing (!!!) – 19 replies.

Article on the Church helping young families – 14 replies.

Article on five signs in the liturgy we often miss or don’t do – 136 replies and counting.

Personally, I side with Fr. Z on this matter: say the black, do the red, follow the rubrics and do Mass as it should be because the Mass is written to glorify God present in the Eucharist in the most beautiful way possible: like the angels in Revelation.  Nonetheless, is something like that really worth almost 100 replies?  I started reading them the other day, just to gauge the responses.  There is a LOT of argument (for and against, with people stepping up on both sides to jump into the fray), some thanking for the information (I’d be on that side if I piped in), and some calm discussion.

Maybe it’s time for these lurkers to either be more active all over the site or risk turning satire into reality.


Got $0.02 to spare?

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