My Jealousy Knows No Bounds


While procrastinating on a lot of work I desperately need to do, I stumbled across Leah Libresco’s update on her Halloween costume and then started following some trackbacks to find other things she’s made.  It reminded me (very acutely, I’m afraid) that I haven’t had enough time to sew in something like two months.  The most sewing I’ve done in weeks has been simple mending, like darning my sweater-tights with thread (yes you can do that).  And it appears that my Christmas break will be spent sewing liturgical vestments (not a bad thing at all!).  So I guess I won’t have time to work out my Raine costume… the one I’ve been wanting to make for years…

…it’s okay, Raine.  Some day I’ll look like you.  Maybe at Comic-Con some year.


Got $0.02 to spare?

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