Praying like a college student


Classes.  Homework.  Late nights–or early mornings.  (Or both.)  All-nighters.  And above all, a population of godless heathens whose idea of a good weekend is to not remember it.  College makes it kinda hard to keep your mind focused on God.  I frequently have next-day deadlines for studio, which usually involves staying up obscenely late and neglecting most of my other classes.  So, outside of Sunday Mass, how do you make prayer a priority amongst the piles of work and wee hours of the night?  These are my suggestions–my own Little Ways, if you like.  (St. Therese de Lisieux is my Confirmation saint, so I draw much inspiration from her.)

1. Pray on the times.  This stems somewhat from my slight OCD, but I like it when numbers line up.  You know how, when you were a kid, you’d see the clock say 11:11 and say “oh, make a wish!”?  I say a prayer.  Something short, easy to remember; a couple of lines.  Nothing big or long.

2. When walking alone, pray.  I started this because I live in a city, so I frequently walk past somewhat sketchy areas.  I also do some walking at night because I stay in studio rather late–and the sun goes down earlier in the winter.  So I have a litany of prayers which I say when I’m walking alone–especially when crossing the street.

3. When you hear a siren, pray for them.  Many people do this already.  There are at least two hospitals nearby, so I hear sirens constantly.  Which means I’m constantly praying!  That is a very good thing.

4. Before exams (or reviews or pin-ups, if you’re an archi or art student).  And sometimes during them, if you need to.

5. Running late to class.  Sometimes you’ll make it there a little faster than you would normally.

6. When something goes right!  If you get a good grade on a quiz or if you make it to class on time, or if anything else good happens.


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