Goodness in the Media: The Series

Goodness in the Media: The Series

(This is a simul-post with Ignitum Today)

After reading the positive comments on our post on Ignitum Today, Quill and I have decided to turn it into a full-fledged series, starting with Avatar: The Last Airbender–from the beginning.  The purpose of this post is to do two things.

1. To announce that we are, in fact, turning it into a series (and we’ll post as regularly as we can; no promises though, since the school year has started up again) and are very excited to begin.

2. To open the discussion to readers who are familiar with the series (and maybe with our past writing) and tell us what they’d like to see.  A scholarly analysis?  Drawing out the implicit moral system?  Just a review?  Remember–this isn’t a zero-sum situation, and it will be constantly growing.  If we write a post about something and a commenter on that post raises an interesting point to discuss, we can do another post on it.  On a similar note, what point of departure would be preferable?  Start with an important topic in Catholic life and see how the series relates to it?  Or instead, start with the series itself and see what themes emerge that are resonant with the Faith and life of the Church?


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