Run the Race of Grace


“Grace gives an immense scope to our aims and desires and leaves them the freest possible play.  At the same time grace has this great advantage: we need only to desire it in order to find it; to receive grace, we need only to love its Donor.  By this ardent desire for grace and for heavenly happiness, and by a sincere love for the Father, we acquire and merit all good gifts, and that according to the measure of our love and desire.  Why do we not manifest here a holy greediness and importunity?  Why do we not, like St. Paul, forget the things that are behind and stretch forth our hand to those that are before us?  We should measure the soul’s profit and advantage not by the treasures already in our possession, but by those which are to be acquired.  The Apostle ran the course of perfection with rapid stride, but we do not hurry; we often pause in our course, as though the smallest part of the eternal and highest good were already sufficient.  The Apostle considers himself as not yet perfect; and yet in his good works, in his countless sufferings and glorious miracles, he has the best pledge and evidence of extraordinary perfection; still, he always seeks something higher and more perfect.  That which we still lack is without limit; that which we already possess is little and insignificant.  But God, who is most liberal in dispensing His gifts and Himself, ceases to increase our small fortune only when we tire of our progress.  Why do we commit such an injustice against God and His grace, and against ourselves?  Let us remember the wife of Lot, who instead of looking forward looked behind her and was turned into a statue of salt.  Let this example serve to make us prudent and to spur us on to a holy zeal.”

~ Fr. Matthias Scheeben, The Glories of Divine Grace


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