Lenten Update


Today marks one full week of Lent.  I was really bad at the whole giving-up-swearing thing for the first couple of days, but after that it eventually became easier.  I’ve noticed an entire change in my speech patterns–a shift away from vulgarity, no matter how much I wanted to use it–and I think it’s for the better.  (Bear in mind, I have had a couple of extremely late nights as well as some random accidental injuries over the past week, so it really has been just as trying as the rest of the semestre so far.)

The biggest change for me, however, is the intellectual whiplash.  To go from a thought-process where rude words were practically punctuation in my sentences to eliminating them completely is definitively stretching my vocabulary.  I am enjoying adverbs and elaborate adjectival structures with a renewed passion… and a certain degree of twisted relish when I put together a particularly potent one.

The conclusion: Mothers are always right–in this case, “People who swear a lot just have a small vocabulary.  They can’t think of new words to express the same sentiment.”  Truth.  Thanks for that one, Mom.


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