Phenomenon: When two (or more) random strangers share a precious moment of friendship.

Example: Today in the dining hall, I was doctoring up my dining-hall coffee [1] (which is so bad I have to add stuff to the blessed substance I typically drink pure).  I saw a girl come over, no mug on her tray, and grab a handful of the little creamers I use to put in my coffee (horrid, I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do while on meal plan) and shove it into her purse.  “Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one who stockpiles those things too?!?” I asked (having three in my pocket and three in my studio desk and planning to take three more next time, etc etc).  “Heck yeah!  I add them to my hot chocolate in my room all the time.  These things are f***ing delicious!”

And then we went our separate ways… having, for a moment, shared a split-second of friendship together.

Sometimes this leads into long-term friendships: one of my friends tells a story where he met another friend by eavesdropping on a conversation, then demanding, “What the HELL are you talking about?”  (They’re still friends, to this day.)  Others, it is simply a good story: “Hey, I met this girl today who stockpiles the french vanilla creamers too!”

This phenomenon is fascinating to me: it proves to me that man is inclined towards loving his neighbour–random strangers are quite friendly to each other–and that it is only when we become more acquainted with one another that we begin to see the effects of the Fall.


[1] Only the Colombian blend can be safely doctored (I’ve tried everything else, and I’m not lying).  Add lots of Coffeemate creamer if available OR add International Delights French Vanilla creamer packets in multiples of 3 (3, 6, or 9) to taste.  Consume carefully.


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  1. I absolutely love those little unexpected moments of friendship. Also, I totally can empathize about having to add milk or creamers to dining hall coffee just to make it drinkable. It’s so unfortunate.

  2. “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
    ― C.S. Lewis

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