Advent and Finals


My fellow students of higher education,

I am firmly convinced that this week is aptly named “Gaudete” (“rejoice) because we are almost done!  This is the home stretch–finals.  Personally, I only have a disgustingly short paper which I’ve been putting off for a week now and now that my outline is done I really should actually write it (one of the goals for tonight).  My only exam was Monday and it was something on the level of a joke.  (I love architecture school.  All the benefits of art school with ten times the workload intensity.)  However, for those of you who are in more of a situation like poor Quill (who may not even read this post until some time this weekend) and have exams all week, you are in my prayers.  Study hard, stop reading all till the weekend (then read this one religiously because we’re just that cool), and sleep for more than three hours before each exam–seriously!   You’ll focus and remember more easily.

God bless you all,



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