On the Naming of Inanimate Objects


I’m supposed to be working, but I can’t focus right now and have too many non-architecture-related thoughts bouncing around my head.  I’m not sleeping tonight anyway… maybe I’ll take a short nap after my second or third sheet of drawings.  I miss drafting geometries.  But none of this has ANYTHING to do with the post I wanted to write.

I have a strange habit of naming almost everything.  My laptop’s name is Valerie (my house’s network is Princess Bride themed)… my sewing machine is named Barbara.  My umbrella, an eight-colour rainbow (I have ALWAYS wanted one) is named Roy (ba-dum-kssh) and my Mayline (parallel ruler for drafting) is named Michael.  One of my architecture friends taped a nametag to Michael: “Hello I am Michael the Mayline!!!”  After seeing it every day for a while now (I lose track of time so easily), I realized–every time I see its name, I think of Saint Michael.  Upon Googling, I realized that both Valerie and Roy are saints as well.  I discovered Barbara to be the patron saint of architects after I had named my sewing machine.  I see a trend here… a trend in saints.  The names I assign to my objects remind me of the Communion of Saints on a regular basis–this often reminds me to check in with them, pray, say a Hail Mary–to connect with them in some way.  So I think everyone ought to name their objects and use the names to remind them of their patron saints, or saints with whom they would like to have a special relationship.

Please forgive me if this entire post is incoherent–it is far later than I am willing to admit in a place where my mother can see it.


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  1. Pretty coherent, considering the late hour, but try not to make a habit of it. Get some sleep!

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